"I would like people to know that I am not a typical politician. I’m not in it for the money, notoriety, or anything like that. I want to help people the best way I know how. I have no problem fighting for what I believe, admitting when I’m wrong, and evolving my opinions as new information is obtained. I pledge to be honest, diligent, thorough, and humble. Political disagreement, by nature, can be a stressful thing for many people. But I see it as a beautiful thing. That’s how we constructively share ideas and evolve together. Most of all, I will be genuine."

South Carolina has a lot going for it, but nothing greater than our coast.  Our community in particular relies on our beautiful beaches to bring in heavily relied upon tourism.  It is paramount to take care of this environment for our future sustainability and growth.  That is why I strongly oppose any legislation that would allow off-shore drilling in South Carolina.


As many of you already know, housing costs in Beaufort and Jasper counties are skyrocketing.  That's great if you're a homeowner.  But it's less great if you are one of the thousands of residents that rely on a reasonable rental market.

The lack of affordable housing affects everyone.  Without affordable housing, small businesses will continue to suffer as the labor markets continue to dry up and retreat westward.

I would love the opportunity to work with other legislators to come up with a plan to expand affordable housing in our community.


It is incredibly important to work towards providing health services to all of our community.  A health community is a community that can give back by working, provide tax revenue, and overall lead much happier lives.  We need to expand Medicaid and provide high quality access NOW.  Governor McMaster's veto of $16 million dollars because a very small amount went to Planned Parenthood is small minded and embarrassing.


In order to attract new business, you need to provide skilled employees.  I believe all South Carolinians should strive to accomplish their educational goals.  But I am also realistic enough to realize that a 4 year college degree isn't for everybody.

I feel very strongly that we need to invest many more tax dollars into vocational schools and technical colleges.  These schools provide excellent trained employees for local businesses to recruit, or provide a gateway for students to start their own small business.

Marijuana Reform

As we have all witnessed over the past few years, progressive marijuana reform has been a huge success in other states.  South Carolina should embrace these policies and pass sweeping legislation to not only allow low-taxed medical marijuana for our ill (including our soldiers suffering from PTSD), but we should also get ahead of other states in decriminalization (to significantly decrease incarceration rates) and fully legalize for recreational use in order to corner the southeastern United States business market.  We can provide our farmers with jobs while at the same time bring in significant tax revenue from recreational marijuana taxes to help fund our schools.  We should, and need, to be the new Tobacco Road.

More To Come!

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